Welcome to the new website for the Westmorland badminton league

The Westmorland Badminton League was established soon after the 2nd World War and was formed within the then County Boundary of Westmorland.
Numerous small villages and towns within the area opened there village halls to the local communities to play badminton competitively against each other.

The sport became very popular and from the 70's to the 90's had 8 divisions each with approx 9 teams, making over 70 teams from around 20 clubs.

The sport was a great place to meet new friends and old friends alike and evoked a wonderful community spirit with an exciting and challenging game at its heart.
Currently the Westmorland Badminton League has 3 Divisions of approx 7 teams in each Division and operates just the same as all those years ago, apart from now following the raleigh point system as used internationally.

The Westmorland Badminton League is allways happy to welcome new players and all Club details can be found on our website below.


The following information is available about the league: